About us

Elemental analyses of nearly all solid and liquid samples:

  • from air-sensitive to ceramic compounds
  • from very pure compounds to waste samples

With modern analytical equipment we assist you:

  • identifying new synthesized compounds
  • on production control
  • with environmental analyses

Our analytical methods are suitable for the determination of extremely stable compounds. In addition to the classical microelemental analyses we perform the following determinations:
  • Carbon
    in carbides and in fluoropolymers at combustion temperatures up to 1300C
  • Oxygen
    in organometallic samples and oxides by hot vacuum extraction
    (pyrolysis temperature up to 2700 C)
  • Nitrogen
    in nitrides by hot carrier gas extraction
  • Nitrogen-traces
    by the chemoluminescence method
  • Halogens and sulfur
    • by Wickbold combustion
    • or pyrohydrolysis
    • followed by ionchromatographic or ICP detection
  • Metal analyses by atomic spectroscopic methods
    • ICP-AES
    • ICP-MS
    • AAS
From lithium to uranium nearly all metals can be determined.

For the decomposition of the samples we apply the following methods:
  • High pressure ashing in quartz vessels
  • High pressure microwave digestion
  • Pressure ashing in PTFE- and PFA vessels
  • Dissolution by fusions
  • Dissolution in sealed glass tubes

Resulting from intensive collaboration with several research- and control-laboratories we offer the following analytical services:

  • NMR spectroscopy
  • HPLC analyses
  • X-ray diffractometry
  • Polymer analyses
  • Gas chromatography
  • Mass spectroscopy
  • Surface analyses
  • X-ray fluorescence
  • Thermal analyses
  • IR-UV spectroscopy

If you are interested in these or further analytical services please contact us.
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